We Still Move..

Someone recently asked me "How does God speak to you?"

I was reminded this past Sunday how God wants us to be SPECIFIC when we pray. How, in this year, 2020, we started off with those goals, those hopes, and greater faith in hIm that it would all come to pass. Then Covid hit. But even in the face of uncertainty, in the midst of your 'issues' to still pray... and be specific. 

Pastor Bowen set the example perfectly in that when we are so full of hunger, we will settle for anything. Don't settle for anything, don't settle for that happy meal, your steak is coming. 

Don't leave anything on the table. When Jesus asks you "What do you want me to do for you?" Tell him! He will do it!


Anyways the answer to that question is confirmation. Kind of anti-climactic huh? No, I don't hear a deep baritone voice in the middle of night that speaks to my in "thy's"  and "thee's." He speaks to me through, me first of all asking, and receiving a confirmation in my daily life.

It's not a coincidence. 

It's confirmation.

Sunday was a confirmation for me.

Happy New Month!

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