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Consistency is Key!

Listen I’m coming for my neck this 2019. Yall thought I was going to say yalls neck huh? Nah. I am my biggest competition. I’m coming for my neck. I’m going to show myself that I am a force to be reckoned with. Ya heard meh?


The Bad, The Good, and The Growth

All in all I shared these two stories because in my journey as an entrepreneur, in living in purpose, and being intentional in all things I do and the people I align myself with, you have to remember that life is too short to worry, to be lazy, to not fulfill your calling on this Earth. We don't know when God's time for our life here on Earth will be called to an end. Once we realize our purpose we have to work hard everyday to fulfill it. We have to work hard every day to obey His Word, we have to work every day to not allow our own selves to be an obstacle to our success. He has already equipped us with the right tools since the day we were born, it is up to us to utilize them.