Small Business and Consistency. Let’s talk about it.


I’m going to keep talking about this until I become it.




Whewwwww. This is a hard one. In this entrepreneurship journey one of the many things I’ve found difficult is just being consistent. I sell jewelry online, yes. But there is so much that goes behind it. I am the General Manager, the Marketer, the Content Creator, the Social Media Manger, the Financial Planner, the Product Manager, shall I continue? A whole other conversation lies in outsourcing and hiring people to do some of these tasks for me, but we’ll talk about that another day. Every few months I get a good rhythm going… then I just fade out. The past few years this is what consistency or more so the lack there of it has looked like for me.


This last 6 months of 2021 let’s see how much I can make happen when I just stay consistent. I’ll make an update in December, let’s see how much I can grow until then. Love y’all, byeeeeeeee ✌🏾.

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