The Bad, The Good, and The Growth

So idk even where to start with this post. Let me start with the bad and the good, and then the growth.

The bad and good

 I took about 2 days of "self-care" this week. Accidently. Aka lazy days. It wasn't intentional because between you and me I know that I could have gotten a lot accomplished within the time I decided to eat ice cream and watch Hulu (this is my go-to self care. Fight me). I rationalized these days of self care because I accomplished all the things I said I would in the time span I gave for myself. Now time for the good. So my main goals this week was to create a social media schedule, post consistently on Instagram, launch my summer special, and test Instagram ads. I was able to do all of this, check out my Instagram page @shopcevon and I guess... well I know that I need to set more goals for myself. I am happy that I was able to do everything I set for myself and you know what, I'm happy I was able to take those 2 self care days because that taught me that when I set my mind to do something I accomplish it. A couple weeks ago, I probably would have only been able to make 1 post on Instagram, but because I was intentional in my actions I posted consistently this week (4 times). Those self care days just taught me that I need to set more goals for myself and it really just defined my abilities. They are limitless, and like I said today on my Snapchat literally the only obstacle in my way is myself. Me, Onyeka Ibe, Onyi, Baby gehl (as known to in my head. when I'm feeling myself). Obviously I need structure unless I will end up pampering myself when I have "nothing to do." Lol but now time for the growth.

The growth

Besides you know my productivity and being purposeful in my day to day actions. 2 major conversations and life changers took place also this week. One was with a friend that is in the profession that I am studying to enter (I will make a seperate post about my school, "career", alladat later. If you know me or you've followed me on social media for a while you already know. Its not on my IG now anymore bc of reasons I will explain later lol.) So yes, I was talking to this friend about when is the right time to apply for jobs, that I've been looking up job opportunities outside of my state because I am not trying to get trapped here. Anyway, just really voicing my concern about securing a position before I graduate. And I use this in very loose terms because I don't even really want to work foreal in this said profession. But again separate post and keeping in mind everything I do is with intent *insert winky face*. Anyway, he basically told me not to worry, that my position is going to come to me when it's time. That's how he got his job, after finishing school, he worked for himself doing his own business until he decided it was time for him to get society's standard of a "real job."I kid you not, he literally walked into the company's main office, chatted it up with the district supervisor, and the next week he woke up to a job offer in his email.

Moral of the story: God's timing is the best timing, put your faith in him and all things shall fall into place. The second thing that happened this week was a passing of a bright young soul. I met this person December during my trip to Nigeria. I remember during a prayer night time vigil of sorts he aided the priest in reciting some bible verses and tending to the prayer table. And I remember saying to myself "Wow there is something special about this boy." In my short time in his presence, I observed a joyful, young, spirit fill the room with his artistic ability in music and dance all for his life to be cut short. In remembrance of his life I saw that he lived in his purpose, he loved music and was able to record. He loved life and was able to live it to its fullest. 

All in all I shared these two stories because in my journey as an entrepreneur, in living in purpose, and being intentional in all things I do and the people I align myself with, you have to remember that life is too short to worry, to be lazy, to not fulfill your calling on this Earth. We don't know when God's time for our life here on Earth will be called to an end. Once we realize our purpose we have to work hard everyday to fulfill it. We have to work hard every day to obey His Word, we have to work every day to not allow our own selves to be an obstacle to our success. He has already equipped us with the right tools since the day we were born, it is up to us to utilize them. So now I end this post challenging myself and whoever else made it this far in this post (it was quite lengthy today) to take everyday by its horns and make it yours. Just like I set those goals for myself that I was able to smother, I now know my abilities and I'm not going to limit myself anymore. Set goals, smash them, and set more goals for yourself. Be happy everyday because tomorrow is not guaranteed.

And always live to be purposefully productive. 

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