I Will Work With Beyonce

I actually used to be very consistent in posting my monthly blogs. So I’m trying to get back to that. It’s April 1, 2021. Lets say I’m in a period of... transition. And I’m going to be in this state until I get everything I want. It sounds unrealistic, but it’s not. Trust me, it’s not. It’ll all make sense when I can say what it is lol but for now I’m going to enjoy this period of transition... it’s not much to enjoy, but I know it’s not permanent. You know how on twitter people will post “I will work with Beyoncé.” Then 3 months later they quote the tweet with a photo of them working with beyoncé. This is kinda like that. In a few months I’m coming back to this post with my “photo of Beyoncé.” 


Greatest Love,



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