Happy New Year! (January 1, 2020)


(Originally written January 1, 2020)


Happy New Year!


I figure I’ll do a short recap of the month of December then give y’all the real teas for 2019.


December was a month all about family. Anytime I go home (Jacksonville, Fl) I don’t bother to make plans because I’m usually booked and busy with my family (and I live so far from civilization lol).  When I’m home I’m hairdresser, chauffeur, big sister, alladat and as much as I love my family I have to pace myself. So basically being home all month was very unproductive when it came to handling my business.


2019, 2019, 2019. I’ve been on Twitter a lot more this month than usual lol. And all Twitter has been saying is how bad this year was for them.


I have to disagree.


2019 was a great year for me, by far greater than 2018 that’s for sure. I’m not going to list all of my accomplishments or experiences but 2019 all in all was a year for me because I really settled into Onyeka Ibe. To who I really am as an individual. I hope that makes sense. The best analogy I have is when you get a new hairstyle and at first you may not like it so you have to tweak it a little, give it a little “juuzeee” add some product, then after some time nobody can tell you nothing. You the baddest you’ve ever felt in a long time. That’s what this year felt like. Like I’ve settled into my hairstyle. I think from the years of 18-22 I was tweaking, juzzing, but now I’ve settled into my hairstyle (who I am). My wants and needs are more clear than ever. My strengths and weaknesses are more clear than ever. The people who are around me are solidified. My future is clear. I’ve settled into me. I hope this is translating well on paper because in my head it makes sense lol.


To save the best part of this year for last. The reason I was able to settle into this identity and find my purpose is because I found my Founder. Or should I say reconnected with my Founder, my Father, Jesus Christ. My life before 2020 has been changed forever. There’s going to be changes I make in this year 2020 and for the rest of my life because I am no longer living by the standards of man. Jesus Christ is my standard. I am no longer living of this world, but in this world. If I walk a little different, talk a little different, it’s because I’ve tasted the goodness of the Lord and I’m not going back.


With that being said I look forward to what Christ has in store for me in this amazing year of 2020. As I look forward to graduating, moving, expanding my business, making Youtube videos, and creating more content for whoever cares. And most of all I look forward to building my relationship with Jesus.


Happy New Year!

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