Consistency is Key!

Ok so this post is coming late. Well I’m going to try and make this brief since the last one was so lengthy. For purposes of organization I’m going to have 3 sections.

Personal Life

    Moving is HARD and EXPENSIVE! This past week I was focused on moving my furniture, finding a storage unit, and packing, packing, packing. I currently live in a furnished 1 bedroom and on top of the furniture I had to move, I had to move all my STUFF. I have too much STUFF. It’s quite ridiculous. When I get settled in my new place I’m giving things away because my life is hectic enough I can’t clutter it even more with all these material things.

    Marketing is amazing!

      So, in being consistent and posting on my business page at least 3 times a week and testing out some social media influencers I’ve been able to build my page views from… I kid you not I started at 57 or something to over 800 at the one-week mark. And all that came from being consistent. And I was able to secure those orders!! Most importantly. And I’m saying this not to brag, not to boast, but to be completely transparent in my growth. That’s why I started this blog! Yall consistency pays off! Like it has only been what 3 weeks and I’m seeing the fruits of my labor! Like I am so excited for what the future has in store because this is just the beginning. Like I haven’t even touched the surface of all the marketing and promotion ideas that ceVon is going to unleash, not to mention the new products!!! Jeez man I don’t think I’m ready for myself.

      Yes, I am.

       I was made for this.


        So, I am planning an event here in Tallahassee. I always complain to friends, family that there is nothing to do here in the sense of Africans coming together besides ASA (I’ve outgrown yall, sorry) so in being proactive and not allowing my situation to bog me down, I have decided to create the opportunity for myself. I just shared a post for #MotivationalMonday on my cevon IG about this lol. About not waiting for opportunity to come to you, you have to create it. So that is exactly what I am doing. I’ve been working on this for the last month now. But I’m deciding now to share it because idk I guess it was a part of the craziness of this week. But yes I am putting on an event here in Tallahassee with the help of my business partner. This week we made a lot of strides towards the event within the midst of my crazy life.


        Trying to balance moving, my small business, putting on this event, and all my small projects that I am working on is not easy, on top of rotations (Post still coming later, can yall tell where it is on my priority list? Lol). I have started writing down my monthly goals, obviously this month is almost over, but I’m trying to form the habit now. I break them down into weekly goals, then daily to-do lists. So that every day I am working towards being purposefully productive and making strides towards my goals. This past week I smashed my goals out the park. One that I can remember off the top of my head was to get my business page to 300 followers. I’m at 360 now. I started at about 280 on July 1. I’ll include a picture of my weekly goals and daily to-do list just for my own encouragement lol. And I hope this encourages whoever is reading this too. The small 3 or 4 goals I set for myself last week, has increased to almost a page full of daily to do items to smash my larger weekly goals out the window. Listen I’m coming for my neck this 2019. Yall thought I was going to say yalls neck huh? Nah. I am my biggest competition. I’m coming for my neck. I’m going to show myself that I am a force to be reckoned with. Ya heard meh?


        So much for this not being lengthy. Oh, and in other news TWO, not ONE, but TWO of my favorite artists came out with albums this week.

         Chance The Rapper and Burna Boy.


        ”I love you.”


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