Careers, College Homecoming, and Customers!

October October my my my have you been a whirlwind! October man you really treated me well and tried me at the same time 😂. This month has been like the friend that you go to when you need the honest, real, raw truth. The good and bad. Let me break it down for you.


So the top of this month was Career fair and FAMU Homecoming all rolled up in one juicy week. In preparation for career fair I was researching companies, practicing interview questions, getting my curriculum vitae finalized, and searching for a new suit (my old one is just that old) all of that to nail these interviews. And while doing all of this I realized, “Wow, Onyeka you are getting ready for the REAL world!” Reality kinda hit me a little bit. 


But while doing all of this I had to prepare my house for 3 friends that where coming into town for career fair/homecoming. When you come to my house you must eat and be merry. And eat and be merry we sure did. My last FAMU homecoming as a student was one for the books.

Customers, customers, customers. I just want to say thank you to all my new customers I have gained over the past 2 months really! You all are why I love doing what I do.


For all of my 3 readers (Hey Mommy) I’ve decided Instagram is not the social media I want to use primarily to build my brand. As much as I love Instagram... I’ve decided to take my talents elsewhere. Stay tuned on the next episode of... lol jk jk. Some real exciting news coming soon. Byeeeeeeeeeeeeee

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