Well well well. Its been a minute since I've sat down and done this. Well its November 2020. My last real life update post was almost 1 year ago, in January of 2020. Wawuuu. Well lets jump straight into it.


            January 2020 while I was still in school I found out I was going to be moving to the DMV area for a job. To God I give all the Glory. So while wrapping up rotations I was planning this move jejelly but really focused on passing my exit exam for Pharmacy school. Which from the many horror stories, I knew it wouldn’t be a walk in the park. So girl, I studied, studied, studied my butt off. From about the beginning of March all I did was go on my rotations,work, and study for the comprehensive exam aka “comp.”


            Then ya girl CORONA HIT.


            Luckliy for me, my last rotation was an elective rotation so it was easy to switch to “virtual.” Long story short , after my school putting us through the ringer, ya girl made it out after 3 attempts. Not shy to say that because they gave us 5 attempts for the exact fact that they know that exam is freakin hard. Again, to God be the Glory. So I passed around early April time so for the rest of the month I worked and was trying to plan this big move that I had nothing secured for lol, life was chaotic that time I tell you. I ended up having to scramble to find a place last minute, that turned out to be perfect might I add (Apartment tour coming perhaps when I move lol).


            May 9th was our official virtual graduation, I signed my lease May 18th and packed up a U-Haul and towed my car on May 22rd. LOL. Life was a mess that time. From Florida to Maryland. Thankfully I had furniture because for the next 2 months I was glued to my couch in my little apartment studying my butt off. Guys. If anyone is in Pharmacy school reading this, the best advice I can give you is to keep ya head down, study, do what you have to do, for however long you need to do it, and take that exam ASAP!!! For me it took 2 months, it might take you longer, it might take you shorter, but don’t play with that exam. Take it and get it over with so you can enjoy life, ya hear?


            So yes, I digress, but I studied for 2 months, worked here and there (barely) took my exam July 7th and found out I passed the Naplex 3 days later. I then took my MPJE for MD later that month and officially became licensed July 27th, 2020. I actually started studying seriously beginning of May for the Naplex, so I really studied for 3 months. I wasn’t playing lol. I might make a video on this and explain a bit more of my study plan.


            I officially began working as a retail Pharmacist August 5th, full time, over 40 hours a week, just like that. And ever since then ya girl has been trying to get adjusted to this new life as a full time working adult. And GIRL it has been a STRUGGLE. 3 months later and I’m just picking back up my side businesses, my goals for the year, and myself up lol. Granted this year has been a monumental change for me personally and for everyone due to us being in a whole pandemic, but I’m glad to be back. This blog, my Youtube, Cevon, NouBeauty, and my investments, guess what? Onyeka is back.


Happy New Month!

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