My first dealing of racism, I can never forget, this is the story I will tell my children’s children, is when I was 11 or 12 years old at Whitehouse Elementary in Jacksonville, Florida. I don’t even think I’ve told my immediate family, but here it goes. I was in 5th grade, we had just moved to the area from Miramar, Florida, which was like night and day to me as a child. I UNDERSTAND WE ARE ANGRY. Teresa’s comment almost 15 years ago STICKS WITH ME TO THIS DAY. I AM ANGRY, I AM SAD, I AM HURT. 

Happy New Year! (January 1, 2020)


(Originally written January 1, 2020)


Happy New Year!


I figure I’ll do a short recap of the month of December then give y’all the real teas for 2019.


December was a month all about family. Anytime I go home (Jacksonville, Fl) I don’t bother to make plans because I’m usually booked and busy with my family (and I live so far from civilization lol).  When I’m home I’m hairdresser, chauffeur, big sister, alladat and as much as I love my family I have to pace myself. So basically being...

The best month ever!

Call me arrogant, call me egotistical, call it whatever, but yall dont know what MY GOD HAS CALLED ME TO DO!!!

New You (Me) November

November was honestly all about getting into a new routine.

This week is the mark of a 4 month consistent pattern of waking up around 4-5 am to get my day started earlier. (Not going to go into what I do when I wake up at that time, trying to keep this post short... video coming soon). And also it marks the end of my 5th rotation. Well really December 6th... but who's counting.

I am actually.

I am counting.

Cheers to consistency and 5 rotations down! 2 more to go, but we'll cross that bridge when we get there....

Careers, College Homecoming, and Customers!

October October my my my have you been a whirlwind! October man you really treated me well and tried me at the same time 😂. This month has been like the friend that you go to when you need the honest, real, raw truth. The good and bad. Let me break it down for you.


So the top of this month was Career fair and FAMU Homecoming all rolled up in one juicy week. In preparation for career fair I was researching companies, practicing interview questions, getting my curriculum vitae finalized, and searching for a new suit (my old...