Small Business and Consistency. Let’s talk about it.

Small Business and Consistency. Let’s talk about it.


I’m going to keep talking about this until I become it.




Whewwwww. This is a hard one. In this entrepreneurship journey one of the many things I’ve found difficult is just being consistent. I sell jewelry online, yes. But there is so much that goes behind it. I am the General Manager, the Marketer, the Content Creator, the Social Media Manger, the Financial Planner, the Product Manager, shall I continue? A whole other conversation lies in outsourcing and hiring people to do some of these...


July 1st, 2021. Time is literally flying by.


All I want to say really on this post is that God has given me the gifts I need in order to fulfill the will He has for my life. I’ve been sitting on my gifts, but no more.


I finished Bamboozled by Jesus by Yvonne Orji yesterday and Girl lemme tell youuuuu. I am encouraged! (Not just encouraged Yvonne, in case you somehow stumble across this, but you’ve caused me to move!) I feel like my big sister...

I Will Work With Beyonce

You know how on twitter people will post “I will work with Beyoncé.” Then 3 months later they quote the tweet with a photo of them working with beyoncé. This is kinda like that. In a few months I’m coming back to this post with my “photo of Beyoncé.” 


We Still Move..

Someone recently asked me "How does God speak to you?"


Well well well. Its been a minute since I've sat down and done this. Well its November 2020. My last real life update post was almost 1 year ago, in January of 2020. Wawuuu. Well lets jump straight into it.


            January 2020 while I was still in school I found out I was going to be moving to the DMV area for a job. To God I give all the Glory. So while wrapping up rotations I was planning this move jejelly but really focused on passing my exit exam for Pharmacy school. Which from the many horror stories,...